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Strider Language Solutions
Strider Language Solutions

Translation and Interpreting Services in Illinois

Strider Language Solutions has been providing Polish to English and English to Polish translation and interpreting services in-person, over the phone, and online since 1998. Our stellar reputation has been earned due to our excellent service and the consistency in which we provide professional linguistic services whenever our clients need us.

Strider Language Solutions

Court and Legal Proceedings

Strider Language Solutions lets you have peace of mind and focus solely on your case since you know that highly experienced professional interpreters will handle your interpretation needs. We provide in-person and remote services by interpreters who have received training specifically for legal settings. Our interpreters will provide their services without bias and ensure that the interpretations are accurate.

Web Conferencing

No matter which web conferencing platform you utilize, whether it is Zoom, Teams, Skype, or Webex, we offer real-time interpretation services to increase your productivity.

Virtual Services

Virtual services are in-demand now more than ever, and no matter which web conferencing platform you utilize (Zoom, Teams, Skype, Webex, etc.), our interpreters have the necessary skills and experience with translation. We provide clients with an initial consultation, and your interpreter will be extended an invitation to the meeting. This allows for real-time interpretation.

Strider Language Solutions

Tłumaczenia Pisemne

  • Odpisy aktów urodzenia, małżeństwa, zgonu
  • Dyplomy, suplementy do dyplomów, świadectwa szkolne
  • Orzeczenia, rozwody, teksty prawnicze, postanowienia sądowe
  • Transkrypcja i tłumaczenie na język Angielski nagrań video, korespondencji w mediach społecznościowych
  • Listy osobiste

Legal Interpretation

  • Family Court - Child Custody Cases
  • Family Mediation Seminars, Interviews
  • Illinois Workers Compensation Commission Hearings
  • Illinois Workers Compensation Commission Hearings
  • Depositions
  • Attorney-client Meetings
  • Juvenile Court and Child-Support Services Office
  • Immigration Court- Assisting Polish-speaking clients with the Marriage Green Card Interview
  • Immigration Court- Assisting Polish-speaking clients during their Naturalization and Interview tests
  • Federal Court
  • Insurance Investigations

- Shannon

"Magda Balz is a trusted and reliable translation resource. She always responds quickly to my requests and her translation work is consistently vetted by others as authentic. Plus, in my work, I count on her to proofread production work for typesetting anomalies and unique glyphs I may have overlooked."

"Magda is my "go-to" interpreter and translator for depositions and court proceedings with Polish-speaking witnesses. Each time I have used her, she has been highly professional, efficient, and reliable. I will continue to use her in the future and I recommend her to anyone without reservation."

"Magda is great to work with. She makes a good impression on my clients and makes them feel comfortable. She translates accurately as if I am listening to a transcript and not hearing paraphrases of the testimony. She translates so I can understand my Polish-speaking clients but also so those clients can understand me, the hearing officer, the other lawyers.”